Friday, December 14, 2012

Pizza, the New Vegetable

When did eating healthy become a trend?  There are a lot of buzz words out there for today's diets...paleo, gluten free, no trans fats, no refined sugars, non gmo, organic, raw, real food, non processed, etc...all of which, refer to eating a healthier diet.  It's overwhelming and a little obnoxious to see this stuff in the grocery stores.  It's like all of this is a big surprise to people.  Like they had no idea that eating a ton of sugar, fat, salt and carbs, aka processed foods, is bad for them.  Don't get me wrong, I too indulge in foods of that nature.  I just don't over indulge.  I have it sparingly.  I don't deprive myself of anything.  If I want it, I eat it.  I just don't eat them all day long and only them.

Then you hear about all the kids these days that are "picky eaters".  I'm beginning to hate those two words.  They get my blood boiling!  ATTENTION PARENTS:  You are the adult.  You choose what foods to feed your child.  If you feed them nothing but sugary carb loaded snacks all day long, then that's all they're going to want.  If they don't eat their meal, then they don't need to eat anything else until the next meal.  Maybe that's a little harsh, but that was how I was raised and that is how we raise our boys.  I am not a short order cook and they will eat what we eat.  I started the boys out eating all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  Now they love all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  Their main intake of food is not all white (pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, etc).  They prefer to eat vegetables to meat.  Yes, they do like the white foods, but they're OK with having that as 5% of their meal as opposed to 90%.  This is not to say that they aren't like every other kid in the world...if given sweets or pasta, they are for sure going to eat them.  Who wouldn't??

I'm just saying that eating healthy doesn't have to be, and in our case, isn't a chore.  Feed yourself and your children better foods.  Your health, as well as your child's, will be much better.  You will prevent disease and obesity.  Things that are, sadly, on the rise in our nation.

Oh, and by the way, Congress did not pass pizza as a vegetable, they were talking about the tomato paste used in the sauce counting as one serving of veggies.....ridiculous! I could go on and on about this topic.  But, I won't.  I'll spare everyone.  I was thinking about it today and had to get it off my chest.  Thanks for listening!

I recently read a book called, "French Kids Eat Everything" by Karen le Billon.  She has some great tips on how to get your kids to eat a wide variety of foods and to stop mindless snacking.  Some of the things she proposes are not too practical since we don't live in France.  It's mostly a cultural thing, but the idea behind it is good.  I suggest to everyone who has "picky eaters" to read this book.

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