Monday, January 30, 2012

Lunch & Dinner....Linner?

Today I was feeling adventurous in the kitchen.  I was perusing my blogs and came across a couple of recipes that caught my fancy.  The two main criteria I have for making a recipe is:  a) do I have everything I need, cause I really despise going to the grocery store and b) will the boys eat it...well, will my little angel eat it.  He's the "picky" one.  I put that in quotes because he's the pickiest out of all of the boys, but in comparison to other children, he's not picky at all.  Soooo, I had everything I needed (for the most part).  I ended up making a surprisingly good pizza hummus for lunch and crockpot tikka masala for dinner.  Both were delicious and, according to my turkey was, "Yummy in my tummy!"  Maybe tomorrow I'll try a pinterest recipe...don't you just love pinterest?

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