Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo & Rental Woes

The younger boys and I went to the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo today.  It's such a cute place.  The museum has some hands on exhibits featuring 'green' power plus a few cages with bugs and such.  The zoo has a small smattering of animals...raccoons, bobcats, snakes, bats, bunnies, etc.  It's a tiny little place, but a  place we like to visit at least once a month.  We went with a playgroup that we are members of.  Matthew has finally made some friends within this playgroup that he likes to play with and actually requests to play with.  It makes my mommy heart swell when I see the look on his face when he sees friends that he recognizes.  And, I have to admit, when I see certain people in the group, I get excited too!  It's nice to finally have some friends here.  I've met plenty of people here, but only a few of them do I want to call a friend.  It's such an adventure, moving from a place you've grown up and where you know everyone and you are completely comfortable and familiar with everything around you to a place that you know absolutely no one.  I feel like it's kind of a challenge...on a personal level.  You know, to see if you can adjust and regroup, so to speak.  We've been here for 2 years and I still feel like we just moved, last month.  I guess that's normal though.   Maybe one day I will think of this place as home.

I'm so tired...I haven't been sleeping great the past few nights because of a sick boy.  So if my blogging sounds off or disconnected, that is why!

Changing the subject...Our lease is up at the end of March.  Which means (drum roll please)  We are MOVING!!!!!  I am currently looking for a house.  2-3 bedrooms with hardwood floors, A/C, a dishwasher and a washer and dryer.  I realize that my TX friends will look at this and think, "WTF...doesn't EVERY house have an A/C and dishwasher?"  Well, my friends, NO, they do not.  Not here.  Apparantley, the climate (years ago) was so mild in the summer it wasn't necessary to have A/C put into homes.  BUT, now with global warming and all, the weather is MUCH MUCH hotter in the summer.  Now, I know what your thinking.  It can't possibly be as hot as here.  'Here' being TX...and it's not.  But it still gets into the 90's and sometimes hits the 100 mark.  So, it's really hard to find a home with those few criteria.  Also, did you notice I put 2 or 3 bedroom...not 3 or 4 bedroom?  That's because the price of a rental home here is far more expensive than the ones back home.  For example:  here is a listing from craigslist for a rental home in Katy...where I used to live.  Nice, huh?  Now, here's what you get for the same price here:  Average, huh.  This, believe it or not, is really large (1600sq ft) and looks decent.  Most of the houses in this price range are around 1300 sq feet or smaller and look a lot funkier.  Hopefully we find something!  Keep your fingers crossed.  Oh and if anyone has info on a rental, let me know!

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