Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy Week

It was very busy last week.  My oldest son turned 7 and his party was this past Saturday.  So, I spent the entire week getting ready for it...mostly mentally, cause the physical stuff wasn't so bad.  I don't know why I stress over things like this.  There's no need for it.  Whatever happens, happens.  And, it's usually not the end of the world if it does.  I think all moms have this anxiety button built into them.  We want everything to be perfect so we try to do everything home made or from scratch and, for me, that just isn't realistic.  I have 3 boys.  Trying to be Super Mom is very stressful and unhealthy.  I do what I can for them and they're usually happy.  My goal for the next party, which thankfully doesn't happen until December, is to plan plan plan and do it as stress free as possible.  If the hubs were reading this, he'd laugh.  But, seriously...I am going to try and make it as stress free as possible.  Part of that, is trying to get everything organized in my life.  I find that I am a much happier mama if I am uber organized.  I'll keep you posted on that :)

I also made some home made Lara Bars last week.  I did not post them, because they were horrible!  I tried it once and didn't take pictures, and they were fantastic.  I tried it again, took pictures and they were horrible.  I tried a different recipe and eye-balled all the ingredients.  That was a mistake.  So...back to the drawing board, or should I say food processor.  Once I get my recipe perfected, I'll post it for you :)

Sanding Sunday has come to another road block (I just watched the Amazing Race, so all the lingo is stuck in my head).  I have things started but have yet to finish anything.  We've been a busy family on the weekends and this coming one is no different.  So, once again, I will post pics when I've actually done something.

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  1. Great to see your cute blog,,,we have one too!
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
    Kristen and Benjamin


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