Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Foamerator 2012!

On your mark....get set...BLOW!!!!!  Foamerator 2012 has commenced.  We had a playdate today and guess what we did?  We made giant snake bubbles!  It was totally rad!  All the kids had fun and we even had a couple of rogue parents wandering into our little area to see what was going on.  I have to say though, that I think this project was a little too old for some.  A lot of them ended up sucking the bubbles up into the bottle instead of blowing them out into a big long snake.  And let me tell you, that dish soap was NOT tasty.  After blowing in the bottles for a while and getting the soap everywhere, you couldn't help but get some of it in your mouth.  Nevertheless, it was loads of fun :)  

I think this project was the cheapest one I've done thus far with our playgroup.  It only required a water bottle (who doesn't have that in their recycling bin?), a rubber band, a wash cloth and some dish soap.  To begin, you take your clean, empty water bottle and cut off the bottom end.  Then, take your wet wash cloth and rubber band it to the bottom  of the bottle.  Next, take your bottle and dip the wash cloth end in some dish soap.  Then blow through the mouth piece.  That's it!  Depending on how hard you blow, you could have one really long snake bubble!  Since we were dealing with 3 year olds, their snakes weren't so long.  They ended up breaking off and floating into the air.  The kids didn't care though.

Turkey with his friends

 as my BIL says...Swangin'
so cute :)

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