Friday, June 8, 2012

First Grade Comes to an End

Today my eldest child is finishing up the first grade!  Time sure does fly.  It's been a hectic year to say the least!  I'm so proud of him and I am excited about our time together this summer.  As a treat for the end of the year I made some goody bags for the class and also got his teacher a present for being awesome!  The treat bags were something I found on Pinterest by Anything but Perfect.  She offers cute free printables for any occasion.

These are the bags.  I filled them with Skittles and Starburst.  Normally, I would not give candy, but, hey, it's the last day of school!

This is my Angel, ready to walk out the door.

I got this idea from my friend Veronica, who got it off of Pinterest...don't you just love Pinterest?

Special breakfast at Subway.  Did you know that you can get a footlong morning flatbread with egg cheese and ham for only $5?  I'm sure you're singing the song right now...anyway, this fed all of us :)

The basket I did for his teacher....It's a couple bottles of bbq sauce with a packet of seasoning for burgers, plus some bbq tools.  Oh and a nice letter that Angel wrote to Mr. Pena.

I'm about to pick up my Angel and probably go and have some frozen yogurt :)  I can't believe he's in the 2nd grade!

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