Friday, July 13, 2012

How Much More Can This Kid Take?

My little Turkey is sick. He has a virus. It kinda looks like hand foot and mouth, but I'm not sure. I've called the nurses hotline, and emailed the doctor with pictures and they all tell me it's just a virus, but to keep an eye on it.

I am so over my boys being sick. Usually it starts out as some sort of allergy thing (we are still getting used to all these different plants and trees out here in CA) and then develops into some virus. With Turkey, it's always a little worse. When he was just a tiny boy, he came down with RSV. RSV is an infection of the lungs and breathing passages. It's a horrible thing when you are a baby. Turkey spent his 3rd week of life in the hospital quarantined because of this nasty little virus. And because of this, he now has asthma and eczema and who knows what other auto immune thing that is out there. This in turn, I feel, makes him more susceptible to any virus/disease that is out in this world. If anyone's going to get it...Turkey will get it. And it will put the smack down on him.

So, YES, my child is sick all the time, but it's not because of their diet or that they need vitamins or that I'm a horrible's because he has a slightly weakened immune system because of the RSV he had as a baby. And NO, there's nothing I can do about's a virus. You can't take antibiotics for a VIRUS.

Oh...and if your child is sick, but you think it's just a little sniffle or just a tiny cough, please keep them away from me.  Because chances are, Turkey will catch it and it will turn into something 100 times worse than what your child has.


  1. Sorry, Joanie! It doesn't look like hand, foot & mouth to me. Miles and Trevor had that a few months ago, and it was little tiny red dots. Miles had it on his feet and Trevor on his hands. Miles got it first, and I thought he had stepped in something or been bit by bugs. They were tiny dots. Then Trevor got it on his hands (both of them only had it in the one spot, but it can present in all 3 spots). They both had a low-grade fever a day or two before the spots appeared. After the spots were gone, they both had peeling skin there. It was a very weird virus, but pretty mild. I hope you figure it out soon!

  2. Thanks Natalie! The nurse told me that there is a weird strain of HFM going she didn't know for sure. But, whatever it was, was a virus. He looks a tiny bit better this morning. Thankfully, he doesn't act like he is sick at all. He has enough energy for all three boys!


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