Friday, July 20, 2012

Scentsy Review

Have you ever heard of this?  I'm sure my Texas friends have.  I've noticed that any home based business (ie:   Tupperware, Scentsy, Silpada, Premier Jewelry, Pampered Chef, etc.) are things that most Texans know about.  Maybe it's because they have a little more expendable income than Californians?  I got off, have you heard of Scentsy?  It's basically a wax warmer.  The warmers plug in and kinda remind me of a mini crock pot.  You put in some scented wax, turn it on and enjoy the smell of deep fried ice cream, or whatever suits your fancy.

I recently purchased one from my friend (a Texan) and have really enjoyed it.  I know a lot of my friends have these things and absolutely love them.  Well, I'm here to say that I am a convert!  I love this thing.  All the smells are pretty right on with what the real thing is.  The scent is really strong and lasts for a while.  Plus it makes my entire 1100 square foot apt smell yummy!  I say yummy because all of my waxes are food scented.  So I will no longer be buying plug-ins or any of those kinds of air freshners.  I really really love my Scentsy warmer!  So far my favorite smell is Sugar Cookie.

If you want to see what these are all about, check out Alison's website.  I guarantee you will find something!

As a side note, Alison did not ask me to do this, I am doing this of my own free will and am not getting compensated in any way.  I just think this stuff smells awesome!

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