Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog Inspired Dinner

Tonight's dinner was inspired by a couple of blogs that I follow.  You can find them here and here.  I can honestly say that we ALL enjoyed the dinner that was made.  Since it's Friday, I decided to make a Friday kind of dinner...PIZZA and CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!

The pizza is a recipe I found on Linda Wagner's blog.  It's a gluten free, grain free, low carb, pizza crust made from...wait for it...cauliflower!  Cauliflower?  Yes!  Cauliflower!  I was skeptical too, but it turns out, it's actually quite good.  The crust is made from cauliflower, goat cheese and an egg.  Then you top it  like you would any other pizza.  I just did cheese and basil (like in her recipe).  I couldn't tell the difference in flavor or texture.  The one thing that I noticed, was that it smelled a tiny tiny bit of cauliflower.  But other than that, it was great.

The chocolate cake recipe is from Chocolate-Covered Katie.  Her entire blog is one big chocolate dream!  This particular recipe was called One Minute Chocolate Cake...and yes, it only took a minute.  It was single serving and was every bit as chocolate-y and moist as you would expect it to be.  Except this one is way better for you.  The calorie count is low (depending on the ingredients you use - she has substitutions for a lower calorie cake) and it has a rich chocolate flavor that I found quite tantalizing (I made myself 2!)

I would definitely recommend making these recipes.  You can find the cauliflower pizza recipe here and the one minute chocolate cake recipe here.

I didn't take pictures...sorry!  But, I did take a picture of the skinny grapefruit margarita that we made last night (and will be making again tonight!)  and will post that shortly!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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