Monday, February 27, 2012


My favorite blog at the moment is iheart organizing.  She has the best ideas and her house is super cute.  I thought I was neat and organized, but this mom takes it to a whole other level!  It's fantastic! Well, it got me thinking about all the things that I need to organize but just haven't gotten around to doing it.  So I started with a couple of small things and wanted to share. 
First, I decided I wanted to organize my freezer.  I saw what Jen did at iheart organizing which you can find here and decided to try something similar.  My fridge/freezer is a tiny little thing that most apartments put into their units.  My freezer did  not have a shelf in it so I ended up buying a wire shelf for a closet and sticking it inside.  It fit perfectly.  Then I found some small white baskets, in which I placed veggies, breakfast items and meats.  Everything fits so nice and neat now and I can actually find things and pull them out without everything falling out and on top of me.  It's awesome!   I got the wire shelf and white baskets from Target.  The baskets were 2.99 and the wire shelf was around 10.  So, all in all, not too shabby!
Next, I tackled the junk drawer in my kitchen.  I forgot to take a before shot on this one and the freezer (sorry!).  But, I'm sure you all have a junk drawer and if you were anything like me, it was super junky!  It was a big ol' mess!  Well, while I was searching for my freezer baskets, I happened across these little white trays that snap together in any configuration you desire.  So I snatched them up and viola!  My new clean, organized drawer.  Before I started, I could barely open this drawer, but now, it slides right open!  AND, I didn't throw anything away!   

My next project is going to be Legos.  This is a pic of the boys separating the little bricks by color.  We still have a giant bucket to go through and separate, but at least we've started!  I still haven't figured out how to organize these guys yet.  We don't have a ton of space in our apartment, so I'm brainstorming at the moment.  

They had a good time doing this.  I was really surprised at the length of time they devoted to this particular task.  It kept their attention for quite a while.


  1. I did that with the kids' puzzles the last time I went through their toys...counted all the pieces to be sure we had them and then put them in plastic baggies. To my surprise (and joy) the kids put the pieces back in the baggies again as soon as they finish one puzzle rather than leave them strewn about, which is their usual M.O. Something about ziploc that kids love I guess!

  2. I was completely shocked that Matthew did it! Ryan has always been very orderly and loved putting things away (thank goodness), but M has no desire to do anything neat! So this was a complete and total surprise. I found some things at Ikea that I liked, but I don't want to pay that much for it. So I'm trying to figure out what we can make ourselves.


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